Picture Perfect Tans in St. Louis By Bronze Tan STL

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Two to three days leading up to a shoot, wedding, or event, I get a custom airbrush tan at Bronze Tan in St. Louis. I opt for a custom airbrush opposed to other tanning methods because it's the most reliable way to achieve the sun-kissed and beach-worthy vibe I'm looking for in a tan without spending days under UV lights - or taking a trip south of the border. Bronze Tan is my go-to for everything tan and has (proudly) been one of the most lasting relationships in my life (lol) - as far as self-care goes, anyway. Their team is trustworthy, kind, honest, fun, and genuinely accommodating. They never fail to treat me like family and always ensure I'm satisfied - which is why I will forever be a repeat customer.

With a shoot on February 3rd, and a trip to Dublin on the 19th - I wanted to make my most recent custom airbrush last - and so Bronze Tan hooked me up with the necessary goods I needed to make that a reality! Not only did they go over in-depth care and maintenance, but they also sent me home with a set of instructions and products that have helped me maintain my gorgeous glow.

The first product I want to share with you is Norvell's pH Balancing Shower Cleanser - this product is heaven-sent, and I don't know where my tan would be without it (especially after comparing its ingredients to the every-day products I use - yikes!). Bronze Tan guarantees their tans with confidence, but at some point, all tans will fade. But with Norvell's gentle pH balancing shower cleanser designed particularly for sunless-tanning, I've been able to preserve the integrity of my glow (not to mention, it smells like cookies - fresh out of the oven!). I had no idea they even made or sold products like this - and Bronze Tan offers them to anyone who will ask (score!) - A must-have for your next spray or airbrush tan if you're looking to extend the life of your glow (It's $15 for the full 8.5oz or $5 for the travel size). (Norvell lists this product on their website for $15+ Shipping - #InstantSavings).

The second product I've been dying to tell you about is Norvell's Prolong Sunless Color Extender. This 75% moisturizer / 25% bronzer combo is Paraben Free, Gluten Free, and 100% Vegan. It works instantly on the skin to boost amino acid levels and maximize sunless color results, and again, extend the life of your tan. Time Release Micro Capsules bind moisture within the skin, for a sleek twenty-four-hours of lasting hydration. If you're interested in keeping your fresh glow - this product was made for you. The best part? It's great for all skin types. Grab a bottle at Bronze Tan for $15 (or opt for the $5 travel size and take your tan on the go or give it a good 'ole test-run!). (Norvell lists this product for $24 on their website + shipping).

The last product I want to recommend, you'll use during your custom airbrush session. Norvell's moisturizing spray, an add-on offered at Bronze Tan - works to boost moisture levels and sunless color results. Proper moisturizing post-sunless will ensure that your tan will last longer and develop a stronger color to achieve that bronzed goddess look. I can not emphasize enough how much I value Bronze Tan for offering this feature. Just like guac, it costs extra, but you can't go wrong with an added seal of moisture protecting the fresh glow on your skin.

For $5 off your custom airbrush at Bronze Tan, click here. Then come back and use this link to book your appointment with Bronze Tan at the Clayton or Brentwood locations! It's easy to look fab with Bronze Tan in your corner.

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Happy Tanning! #MayTheGlowBeWithYou #BronzeTanSTL